The pre-separator ( also called dust-collector) enables to collect and at the same time filter industrial wastes in full safety


  • Application : Increase capacity Different types of emptying : big-bag, skip, barrel… & vacuuming of hot products
  • Collection : Container or silo
  • Operators : Up to 6
  • Air output : Up to 8000 m3/hour
  • Vacuum pressure : Up to 8000 mmWC
  • Collection capacity : Up to 7 m3
  • Particle size : Up to 60 mm
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  • SIMPLE : Moveable by fork-lift
  • QUICK  to deploy
  • FLEXIBLE : Helps to collect waste in a wide variety of ways (container, big bag, skips, barrels, continuous handling system etc.)
  • SAFE & ENVIRONMENT : Collection and emptying of waste without dust emission.
  • Visits & recommendations
  • 1-year-warranty
  • Key-in-hand delivery if required
  • 1 after-sales-service visit included in the warranty
  • Rental & leasing
  • Extension of warranty
  • Inspection contract
  • Maintenance contract
  • Statement, network study, implementation
  • On-site & external training 
  • Explosion/flame protection vent
  • Earthing by earthing reels
  • Level detector
  • Cyclonic head
  • Filter bags
  • Supporting structure for big bag discharge 
  • Manual, pneumatic or continuous outlet gate
CUSTOMER: Cleaning company for a steelworks in France
PROBLEM : Initial equipment not suitable for a new requirement
OBJECTIVE : Increase the collection capacity in order to reduce the handling time
SOLUTION : Ampliroll pre-separator with a capacity of 7 m3
RESULT : Increase in productivity and improved handling
CUSTOMER : Chemical industry in Tunisia
PROBLEM : – Cleaning of activated carbon filters
– Evacuate used material to the waste collection centre
– Vacuum cleaner in place with collection in a container
PRODUCT : Activated carbon
OBJECTIVE : Clean and pack the product in big bags to be taken to the trash yard
SOLUTION : Cyclonic pre-separator
RÉSULTAT : Reclaiming and packaging in big bags + Easy evacuation to the waste collection centre