Cleaning solution for the steel industry

Our cleaning solutions for the steel industry remove material deposits, blockages and concretions in storage units and in gas and dust processing areas.

Here are some examples of our industrial cleaning solutions :

  • Cleaning of iron ore, limestone and coal hoppers
  • Cleaning of coal towers
  • Cleaning of hoppers under filter or electrofilter
  • Cleaning of the heat exchanger, the gas cooling tower (quench)
  • Cleaning of steel mill dust silos

Suction solution for the steel industry

Our suction solutions for the steel industry remove dust from coal, iron ore, coke, dolomite, limestone and sinter.

Some examples of our industrial dust extraction solutions :

  • Vacuuming along the conveyor belt at the dock (port facility)
  • Cleaning of the load preparation area: Working floor, conveyor, crusher, elevator foot
  • Cleaning of the cokery : Working floor, conveyor, lathe
  • Vacuum system for the agglomeration area: Working floor, conveyor
  • Cleaning of the high furnace area
  • Cleaning steel : Casting floor, filter or electrofilter

The cleaning of these areas is carried out with a centralised industrial vacuum system.

Sealing of conveyor belts for the steel industry

Standard Industrie offers solutions to eliminate overflow from belt conveyors transporting ore, limestone, coke, coal and sinter.

  • Sealing of conveyor belts
  • Suppression of odors and dust emissions
  • ATEX zone