Cleaning solution for waste treatment plants

Our industrial cleaning solutions for waste treatment plants allow the blockage & build up removal of clogging and concretions present in the storage units

Our services allow the removal of dust or other materials from the recycling process.

Here are some examples of our cleaning solutions:

Cleaning of the dust hopper in a steel waste treatment plant

Cleaning of the pre-combustion chamber: The continuous combustion of household waste causes concretions of material in the pre-combustion chamber, in particular during the passage of dust-laden gases. These concretions, if not treated on a daily basis, cause a reduction of the gas flow speed and a loss of vacuum.

The installation of air cannons allows the household incinerators to operate continuously without suffering from untimely stops and while guaranteeing a regular cleaning work, secured without human intervention.

Cleaning of ashes resulting from the combustion of special waste: industrial oils, solvents, hazardous waste, etc…

industrial cleaning solutions for waste treatment plants

Industrial vacuuming for dust reduction and material recovery

Industrial vacuuming recycling plant

We offer suction solutions for ash, coal, waste dust, alternative fuels and wood pellets.

Some examples of our industrial vacuum solutions:

  • Vacuuming of waste dust
  • Centralized extraction of fine dust
  • Vacuuming along conveyors

Sealing of belt conveyors for waste treatment plants

Standard Industrie offers solutions to eliminate overflow from the conveyor belt

  • Sealing of fuel transport belts
  • Elimination of odors and dust emissions
  • Transport of wood chips, sawdust
waste conveyor protection