Boiler economiser cleaning for the paper and board industry

Boilers used for paper pulp and black liquor production must ensure high steam production efficiency. This is why fouling of the boiler economizers must be avoided. The AIRCHOC® air cannon cleaning solution acts directly on the boiler economizer bundles.

Boiler economiser cleaning solution

Cleaning pulp mills

Paper and cardboard chip extraction

Paper and cardboard production generates deposits of cellulose dust.  This requires regular cleaning, which has a considerable impact on operating costs.

Industrial vacuum solutions for paper mills remove the dust generated by raw material preparation. A networked extraction machine limits indoor air pollution, ensuring operator safety and maintaining plant productivity.

Sealing of belt conveyors for the paper and cardboard industry

These fuels, which are very fine and volatile, form a lot of dust in the environment, making it dangerous for operators. It is therefore necessary to cover the belts carrying the alternative fuels. The LIFTUBE® solution guarantees the sealing of conveyors used in paper and cardboard production: conveyor belts for wood, waste paper, alternative fuels and biomass.

Conveyor protection for biomass transfer to boiler