Packaging area in a glass bottle manufacturing plant


The suction capacity of the existing vacuum cleaner is insufficient to extract refractory products (pebbles & fine dust). In addition, the design of the pipe network generates pressure losses.  Lastly, the network is not watertight, resulting in reduced flow at operator level.


The project involves replacing the old vacuum cleaner connected to an existing piping network, upgrading the existing installation, extending the piping network on Furnace 3 and equipping cleaning operators with accessories.

Installation of a GAD50MVC 50hp medium vacuum – 700-liter movable vacuum unit with automatic shutdown timer. adjustable. 400V tri 50Hz


The aim is to vacuum-clean small spillages of material and accumulations of dust from the furnace roof, furnace feeds (safety devices, sensors) and along compo conveyors. In order to improve working conditions (health), operator safety, reduce dust, breakdowns, maintain the lifespan of the furnace roof (insulating bricks), improve and maintain the cleanliness of the area to recover this product in a container-type pre-separator.