Steel industry

Steel industry in Spain


The customer wants optimized cleaning of the steel mill dust which accumulates by suspension on the 2 rails, the bridge crane and the safety devices (electrical cabinet, sensors).
The customer needs to be able to use a movable, compact machine.

Dust in steelworks


Installation of a GAD50MVC vacuum unit equipped with a Roots (blower) driven by an electric motor using belt pulleys. The unit is placed on a chassis with a 1.5m³ container: The Monobloc solution was chosen to connect to the plant’s vacuum network.
The power of the GAD50MVC (flow rate 1750m³/h, depression 0.5bar) can work with 1 operator in pumping of heap DN80/ DN100 or 2 operators in DN50 and obtain a theoretical output for 1 operator in DN50 of approximately 0.5T/H or 500kg/hour).
The accessories and choice of hose diameter in DN50 offer better ergonomics for the work of the user.
The GAD is easily movable with the forklift and thus can target different areas, even areas to vacuum at 15 meters height using rigid steel column (network).


  • French manufacturer.
  • Robust machine, Monobloc on container, reduced space on the ground.
  • Machine mono electric energy, low maintenance.
  • Powerful industrial suction equipment 37kw, 50Cv.
  • Depression (5000mm/CE; 0.5bar) allowing vacuuming of the product at the most critical point.
  • Flow rate (1750 m³/h) to have an efficient vacuum, a better output with 2 operators at the same time and to realize the pumping in heap.
  • Large collection capacity, 1.5m³ container.
  • Large filtering surface of 18m2 antistatic.

All target areas are now kept clean. The overhead crane can now operate and shift properly and is less prone to breakdowns. This vacuum machine allows simple, regular surface cleaning: vacuuming of thin layers on the ground and small piles.