Animal feed

Grain – Animal feed


The customer contacted Standard Industrie to replace an old Donaldson vacuum machine and create a new vacuum network in the factory.
The objective was to supply and install a high-performance machine for the suction of grain dust (5mm grain size) from high surfaces, floors, elevator feet and storage cell bottoms.

The plant has 16 Cells total. Cell size is 20m³ and Cell cleaning is done 2 to 3 times per month (around 100kg to be vacuumed).


90% Wheat, Barley, Rapeseed and a lot of fines

Vaccum machine for food industry


Standard Industrie proposed the GAD50MVSX
The project was completed in the following stages:

  • Dismantling of the old Donaldson machine,
  • Supply and installation of the DN100 pipe network (component connections, elbows, fittings and DN70 suction points),
  • Installation of the GAD outside the building and connection to the network,
  • Supply of DN50 Vacuum cleaning accessories


The GAD performs well.
The machine is capable of achieving 1.6 tonnes of suction per hour in the current networked configuration.
Operators appreciate the ease of using the DN50 vacuum cleaning accessories.
Cleaning efficiency on the plant has been greatly improved.