The vacuum unit cleaner on trailer type UMA enables to carry out cleaning operations as well as heavy pumping with a large scope of action possibilities


  • Application : Cleaning & pumping
  • Motor : Electric or Diesel
  • Collection : Container
  • Operators : Up to 8
  • Performance (product density 1) : Up to 33 short ton/hour
  • Air output : Up to 1.943 CFM
  • Vacuum pressure : Up to 15,5” HG
  • Collection capacity : Up to 1,362 gal
  • Particle size : Up to 2.5” mm
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  • SAVINGS : Towable by tractor/lift truck/loader
  • AUTONOMT : Diesel motorisation
  • QUICK to deploy
  • COMPACT : Compact equipment offering easy access to operations zones
  • FLEXIBLES : Quick-any-on-site-intervention
  • SAFE : Solid and simple technology enables it to operate in heavy industrial environments with the highest level of safety and productivity
  • Visits & recommendations
  • On-site test/demonstration
  • 1-year-warranty
  • Key-in-hand delivery if required
  • 2 after-sales-service visits included in the warranty
  • Rental & leasing
  • Extension of warranty
  • Inspection contract
  • Maintenance contract
  • Statement, network study, implementation
  • On-site & external training 



  • Mobility road trailer/Ampliroll cradle
  • Anti-explosion system : vents or flame protection
  • Hydrophobic & oleo-phobic filter bags



  • Flexible hoses : DN 150 to 100, rubber/polyurethane/PVC
  • Sensors : DN 120 to 50, steel/stainless steel/aluminium/PVC
  • Suction port, lances etc.


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CUSTOMER: Cement works in the United Kingdom
PROBLEM: Accumulation of material on the production facilities and in the walkway casting a risk of breakdowns and industrial accidents.
PRODUCT : Cement, clinker, coal etc.
OBJECTIVE: Eliminate by vacuum extraction the accumulated material on the production facilities
SOLUTION : Diesel UMA with protection against the risk of explosion and connected to several fixed pipes network in the plant
RESULT: Maintenance of the plant in optimal production conditions with fewer shutdowns and less maintenance. The site became clean respecting the safety of the operators and the environment
CUSTOMER : Quarry in Bulgaria
PROBLEM: Leak of material on mill, conveyor and elevator base
PRODUCT : Limestone and carbonate
OBJECTIVE: Reduce the accumulation of materials in order to keep the production facilities operational
SOLUTION : Electric UMA with 40 m of flexible tubes
RESULT: Productivity of the plant greatly improved with significantly less shutdowns.