• Application : Cleaning & pumping
  • Motor : Electrical
  • Collection : Silo
  • Operators : Up to 6
  • Performance (product density 1) : Up to 27.5 short ton/hour
  • Air output Up to 2,354 CFM
  • Vacuum pressure Up to 23” HG
  • Collection capacity Up to 1,135 gal
  • Particle size : Up to 2”
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  • SAVINGS : Immediately operational
  • QUICK & SIMPLE to deploy
  • RECYCLING : Many possibilities for emptying: big bag/barrel/skip/continuous handling
  • SAFE : Solid and simple technology to help you operate in heavy industrial environments with the highest level of safety and productivity
  • Visits & recommendations
  • On-site test/demonstration
  • 1-year-warranty
  • Key-in-hand delivery if required
  • 2 after-sales-service visits included in the warranty
  • Rental & leasing
  • Extension of warranty
  • Inspection contract
  • Maintenance contract
  • Statement, network study, implementation
  • On-site & external training 



  • Anti-explosion system : vents or flame protection
  • Different types of valves depending on the method of emptying
  • Remote control 



  • Flexible hoses: DN 100 to 50, rubber/polyurethane/PVC
  • Sensors: DN 100 to 50, steel/stainless steel/aluminium/PVC
  • Suction port, lances etc.


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CUSTOMER : Smelters works in France
PROBLEM : When designing the plant, the customer anticipated possible problems of leaks of toxic material linked to the presence of silica in the sand plant. In addition pits, galleries, different floors and structures make the plant a difficult access zone
PRODUCT : Sand and silica
OBJECTIVE : Reduce cleaning costs and make the work of the operators safer and easier
SOLUTION : INC with a network of fixed piping and suction ports to have access to the different zones of the sand plant
RESULT : Easy regular cleaning


CUSTOMER : Lime plant in Belgium
PROBLEM : ? In the milling zone, accumulation of material on the production facilities and in the passageways causing a risk of breakdowns and industrial accidents
? Avoid overloading of trucks
OBJECTIVE : Eliminate by vacuum extraction the accumulation of material on production facilities and in the passageways + comply with traffic regulations regarding HGVs.
SOLUTION : INC with a network of fixed piping for the milling zone + vacuum extraction opening to avoid overloading of trucks
RESULT : ? Maintenance of the plant in optimal and safe production conditions.
Compliance with the Highway Code