The industrial vacuum unit GAD allows regular and heavy cleaning operations


  • Application : Cleaning & pumping 
  • Motor : Electrical
  • Collection : Silo or container
  • Operators : Up to 4
  • Performance (product density 1) : Up to 21 short ton/hour
  • Air output : Up to 1,165 CFM
  • Vacuum pressure : Up to 15.5” HG
  • Collection capacity : Up to 340 gal
  • Particle size : Up to 1.5 ”
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  • SAVINGS : Moveable by lift truck
  • QUICK  to deploy
  • COMPACT : Compact equipment thanks to an integrated collection capacity
  • FLEXIBLE : Quick-any-on-site-intervention + many possibilities for emptying: container, big bag, barrels, skips, continuous handling
  • SAFE : Solid and simple technology enables it to operate in heavy industrial environments with the highest level of safety and productivity
  • Visits & recommendations
  • On-site test/demonstration
  • 1-year-warranty
  • Key-in-hand delivery if required
  • 2 after-sales service visits included in the warranty
  • Rental & leasing
  • Extension of warranty
  • Inspection contract
  • Maintenance contract
  • Statement, network study, implementation
  • On-site & external training



  • Anti-explosion system: vents
  • Sound enclosure
  • Hydrophobic & oleo phobic filter bags
  • Manual, pneumatic or continuous discharge



  • Flexible hoses: DN 100 to 50, rubber/polyurethane/PVC
  • Sensors: DN 100 to 50, steel/stainless steel/aluminium/PVC
  • Suction port, lances etc.


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CUSTOMER : Cement works in Kenya
PROBLEM : In addition to the usual productivity and safety problems, the vicinity of a national park requires the customer to drastically reduce dust emissions or face penalties
OBJECTIVE : ? Increase productivity by mechanisation of cleaning by vacuum extraction
? Make the site safe in order to reduce the number of accidents.
? Compliance with environmental laws
SOLUTION : GAD on a silo combined with direct emptying on the leg of a bucket elevator
RESULT : High performance of cleaning throughout the building equipped with 16 suction ports + reprocessing of the finished product and limiting the handling of the material contributing to less dust emissions.


CUSTOMER : Incineration plant in France
PROBLEM : It has been discovered that dust from Residues from the Purification of Incineration Fumes from Household Waste (RPIFHW) are toxic or even carcinogenic. Safety regulations have banned the use of brooms and air guns.
PRODUCT : RPIFHW dust (Fly ash treatment in waste incineration)
OBJECTIVE : Vacuum cleaning of the operators’ working environment
SOLUTION : GAD on a silo with absolute filtration connected to fixed networks
RESULT : Clean-up of the different areas of the factory in complete safety