Deflectors direct the air flows towards sensitive clogging zones. They are mainly installed in cement plants at the heart of the Process (cooler, cyclone, smoke chamber, ducts,).


Whether in high or low temperature version, deflectors are installed to operate a cleaning in the preheating towers.


Depending on how the deflector is installed, the air of the air cannon will have a precise directional impact to reach difficult areas.


Steel or refractory stainless steel version.


For all of its range of deflectors, Standard Industrie provides the following diameters: DN100 & DN150.

  • Efficient cooling
  • Flexible usage for complete kilns
  • Easy installation
  • Targeted cooling on kiln’s circumference
  • Visits & technical recommendations (dimensioning & positioning)
  • Supply of the installation drawing
  • We offer complete installation of our equipment if needed
  • Material : Refractory Stainless steel
  • Available fluid: Compressed air or inert gas
  • Temperature : 400 to 2200°F
  • Type of manufacture : Moulded or dished according to
  • Application area: Recommended for high temperature, applications can be immersed in a refractory concrete

Maintenance of your AIRCHOC® installation on your preheating tower.