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AIRCHOC® Maintenance



To eliminate the risk of production stoppage or excessive waiting time for a maintenance contractor, STANAM INDUSTRIES has developed a new maintenance system :

  • 1 – The customer has cases in stock. In the event of a need, he can disassemble the clogged mechanism and replace it with the one in the case.
  • 2 – He sends us back by transport the clogged mechanism in the case. We carry out the maintenance and send the case back to the customer so that he always has a replacement mechanism. 


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  • SPEED OF INTERVENTION : No need to wait for a technician. Which means, no more slowdown of production due to a malfunction of the air cannons.
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN : 10 minutes to replace the clogged mechanism
  • Visits & technical recommendations (dimensioning & positioning)
  • Supply of the installation drawing
  • We offer complete installation of our equipment if needed
  • Up to 3-year warranty
  • In-house & external training
  • After-sales service & maintenance contract
  • Standards compliance


  • MAINTENANCE KIT : Reduced intervention time & easy inventory 
CUSTOMER: Lafarge HOLCIM Missouri 
PROBLEM: They had problems with our air cannons due to improper installation of the blowpipes.
SOLUTION: They ordered 30 repair kits.
OBJECTIVE: The speed of intervention : 10 minutes to replace the mechanism and make the AIRCHOC® operational again.
RESULT: Maintenance is carried out in real time : The customer no longer has to wait for the intervention of the technicians. Which means, no more slowdown of production due to a malfunction of the air cannons.